Boosting Broadband Connectivity in Regional Australia

Learn how our collaboration with government at all levels is expanding access to enhanced broadband through jointly funded projects.

Expanding Broadband Access Through Government Collaboration

Discover how our collaborative efforts with local, state, and federal governments are bridging the digital divide by enhancing broadband access across regions. This initiative ensures that communities everywhere can enjoy reliable, high-speed internet through innovative and jointly funded projects.

More regional and remote communities will soon benefit from our fastest and most reliable home broadband connection. In collaboration with local, state, and federal governments, we are upgrading select areas currently using Fixed Wireless or Satellite services to nbn’s premier Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). FTTP provides the most reliable residential connection, offering speeds approaching 1Gbps.*

If your home or business is eligible for an upgrade, our construction partners will contact you by mail as construction begins. If you’ve already received notification that your area is scheduled for an upgrade, please refer to the information below.

Key Points to consider

Construction teams may visit your home during work

You may notice our construction teams laying cables and working in areas slated for upgrades. They might also assess the exterior of your property to determine the necessary upgrades.

There's no need for them to enter your property for this inspection, so your presence is not required during their visit.

Additional installation work may be necessary for new nbn equipment at your location

Our construction partners might offer to schedule an installation of nbn equipment for your FTTP connection while they are in your area. Opting for early installation can expedite your connection once the network build is complete and you order an nbn powered plan from your preferred provider.

If the proposed time isn't convenient, you can arrange the installation later when placing your order with the provider.

Setting Up Your FTTP Connection

After the construction is complete, you can order an nbn-powered FTTP plan from your preferred provider. We will notify you by mail when it's time to connect, and your provider may also contact you to confirm that your FTTP connection is ready.

Once connected to FTTP, we advise confirming with your original provider that your previous service (Fixed Wireless or Satellite) has been cancelled to prevent unnecessary charges.



1. Service Variability for nbn Fixed Wireless and nbn Sky Muster: The actual user experience, including speeds, for nbn Fixed Wireless and nbn Sky Muster satellite services may vary based on the specific nbn technology and configuration, the timing of internet use (especially during peak periods), and factors beyond nbn’s control, such as equipment quality and signal reception. Additionally, nbn Satellite users may experience latency.

2. Conditions and Costs: Eligibility, conditions, and costs apply to our services. Eligibility includes being designated by nbn as a simple premises (e.g., standalone or Single Dwelling Unit) and ordering an nbn® powered plan based on eligible wholesale speed tiers. Providers may incur additional charges, which could be passed on to customers. Not all providers offer plans across all wholesale speed tiers. Consult your preferred provider for detailed information on availability and appropriate plans for your needs.

3. Network and Equipment Limitations: The actual wholesale speeds available will be less than 1Gbps due to limitations in equipment and network design. References to speed indicate the maximum wholesale layer 2 peak information rate bandwidth available to retailers, not the speeds experienced by end-users. Your experience with nbn full fibre, including speeds, will depend on the internet provider, your selected plan, and the quality of your equipment, particularly during peak usage times.

4. Fair Use and Traffic Management: A Fair Use Policy and traffic shaping policies apply to our services.

At Procision Business Fibre, we understand that robust and reliable internet connectivity is the backbone of modern enterprises. Specializing in high-speed business fiber internet solutions, we empower your business with the technology it needs to succeed in a fast-paced, digitally-driven world.


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