Enjoy superior performance with near-gigabit speeds and a highly reliable connection.

Experience excellence with near-gigabit speeds and a consistently reliable connection.

Faster and more reliable, our network is engineered for a future dominated by technological advancements and environments where multiple devices are standard. Experience the freedom to achieve more with nbn’s full fibre.

Homes and businesses currently served by nbn’s Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) have the opportunity to upgrade to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) by selecting an eligible plan.


Empowering Your Business with Full Fibre Benefits

Rapid and Reliable Internet Connection

Enhance your business with our ‘Rapid and Reliable Internet Connection’—speeds up to 1Gbps ensure smooth video conferencing and fast data transfers. Our dependable service supports any size business with consistent, high-speed connectivity for peak productivity.

Superior Digital Experiences

Superior Digital Experiences” elevates your business with ultra-fast, reliable internet, perfect for seamless streaming and quick data handling. Our service is designed to support the dynamic needs of modern businesses, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

Steady Operational Quality

“Steady Operational Quality” ensures your business enjoys uninterrupted, consistent internet service, crucial for maintaining daily operations without disruption. Our robust network infrastructure is designed to deliver a reliable connection that supports all your business needs with efficiency and stability.

Terms, eligibility criteria, and associated costs apply. Please discuss these with your chosen provider. Among other factors, eligibility requirements include being classified by NBN as simple premises and placing an order for an NBN-powered plan on a qualifying wholesale speed tier. Providers may incur additional costs, which they may pass on to their customers.

Not all providers carry plans that utilize the full range of wholesale speed tiers. Consult your preferred provider for more information on what’s available so you can find the right retail solution for your needs.

Due to equipment and network constraints, the wholesale download speeds delivered to providers will be less than 1Gbps, regardless of the retail service you purchase. The performance of FTTP and the speeds you experience can be influenced by the configuration of the service to your premises, internet usage during peak periods, and other factors beyond your control, such as the quality of your equipment, software, chosen broadband plan, or how your provider designs its network.

Please be aware that network construction will continue beyond the initial volume build for future developments and a few premises identified as ”complex connections.’ These include difficult-to-access locations, culturally significant areas, and heritage sites, where the connection may be contingent on factors such as permission from traditional owners outside of nnbn’s control.

MMnbn’s amendments (indicated in square brackets) have been made to this review to accurately reflect the wholesale speeds we provide to service providers. No other changes have been made to this review.

The availability of wholesale business nbn products, features, and services varies depending on the access technology and area of the end customer. Inquire with your preferred provider to see if they offer plans based on your area’s wholesale business nbn products and features.

At Procision Business Fibre, we understand that robust and reliable internet connectivity is the backbone of modern enterprises. Specializing in high-speed business fiber internet solutions, we empower your business with the technology it needs to succeed in a fast-paced, digitally-driven world.


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