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Cloud Phone Systems Australia

Looking for a cost effective solution delivering creative and reliable communication options for your employees and customers?

Regardless of the number of staff you have, it is important to have a central point of contact for people to call. In reality though, it’s not always possible for you or your staff to be sitting at a desk all day ready to answer the traditional desk phone. Your mobile phone should not be a point of contact either as we all know how distracting this can be when you’re working on your business.

A 3CX phone system allows you to have the best of both worlds. It provides a solution that is highly flexible, delivering communication to a desk phone, a mobile application (iPhone and Android), from a PC or Mac, and virtually anywhere that has a web browser. This allows great flexibility and means you can take calls from anywhere, at any time.

As a 3CX Preferred Partner our team are Certified Technicians with extensive product knowledge along with the ability to adequately train your staff on using the system.

It’s surprisingly easy to transition to a cloud based PABX. Our team can assess your business needs and provide you with a solution that suits you now as well as cater for any change or growth in the future.


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