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Cloud technology is changing the way we do business, and with good reason. Cloud computing solutions can reduce your overheads, improve business productivity and increase mobility & accessibility for your team. We provide a range of cloud services from server management & support, software & storage solutions, SaaS (Software as a service) email management & set up as well as project management for server migration, servicing & maintenance.

Microsoft Azure

If your business utilises Microsoft then we can help you implement a new level of functionality, visibility, flexibility and analytics. Azure is Microsoft’s solution and operating system for modern cloud computing. It eliminates or drastically reduces the need for physical servers. Your data is stored securely in an Australian data centre, so your security is not compromised. You may have heard the term “agile computing”. This just means your data is delivered and managed in a timely, efficient and effective manner. Ultimately, better productivity and fewer headaches. The cost is managed by a monthly subscription, making it easier to manage as part of your overall IT budget.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 (M365) is a suite of products and services which can be configured as a bundle or separately. As an online subscription based service, all M365 plans include automatic updates at no additional cost. This is different to the traditional MS Office Suite where new versions require a new license.

How can M365 benefit my business?

As a Cloud-based tool, M365 creates a culture that keeps everyone informed in real time, even with your staff in different locations.

Streamlined processes are vital to business success. When everyone uses a single, central tool, collaboration is enhanced while still ensuring the best work is produced.

Security is a hot topic these days and should be a priority in your business, regardless of type or size. With many built in security features, including multi-factor authentication, M365 contributes significantly to your business protection.

With the ability to connect and collaborate, employees can have the support they need to brainstorm innovative ideas and work together to find new ways to tackle customer needs.