Are you or your employees looking to upskill at low cost? Gone are the days of sending your staff offsite to attend full or multi-day training. There are some great options that you can enrol in and complete studies directly from your desk. We’ve highlighted our top 8 

1. Udemy offers unlimited access to courses for free or at a very reasonable cost. This has become one of the most desirable platforms in recent years, particularly in the business world. Unfortunately Udemy doesn’t offer certification for their courses but there is a wealth of knowledge available. 

2. LinkedIn Learning is a subscription based learning platform designed to grow your skills and advance your career. There’s a couple of different levels including team collaboration. It’s pretty intuitive too and will suggest courses based on your profile and activity on the Linked In platform.  

3. Coursera offers over 5000 courses, professional certificates and degrees.  

There are some great business and project specific courses that will take less than 2 hours. They also offer full team solutions for those wanting to upskill as a group.  

4. SkillShare is another subscription based platform, but the classes are endless. This one is really pitched at the creative field with everything from Instagram videos to painting and music.  

5. Udacity has a major focus on skill improvement and technical training. Most courses are available for free.  

6. Masterclass is less business, more lifestyle. These courses are largely taken by famous celebrities and industry professionals. There’s some great learning in there across a wide variety of areas.  

7. Pluralsight is all about technical skills! Many courses are offered free and focus on computer and IT related content.  

8. Codeacademy is as the name suggests – a learning platform for coding and programming. The courses range from beginner right through to advanced level and also offers certification based courses.  

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